Split Tension Mattresses

At Heston & Co, we aim to tailor our mattresses to your needs. A split tension mattress or a zip & link mattress (also known as dual mattress or half and half mattress) offers the perfect solution for couples or partners who fall in different weighted categories. This means that neither person has to compromise on their comfort or sleep quality. Read on to find out more.

What is a split tension or dual tension mattress?

Ever failed to agree on a mattress due to differing sleeping preferences? Well now you don’t need to compromise. In a one-piece mattress, a dual or split tension mattress allows you to have two distinct spring tensions. This solution is perfect for couples or partners who fall in different weight categories.
Say you require a medium mattress and your partner's bodyweight necessitates a firm mattress, a split mattress can accommodate both of you!
Not sure what weight category you fall into? Read our helpful guide now.

What is a zip & link mattress?

A zip & link mattress is essentially two single mattresses which have been zipped and linked together. This is an ideal solution for partners who have differing weights but also very light sleepers. As the two mattresses are totally independent of each other, this totally eliminates roll together and transferring movement.  

What sizes are dual or split tension mattresses available in?

One of the reasons why king size mattresses are very popular in the UK is because many couples are now choosing split or dual tension mattresses.

These mattresses are available in king size or super king size. Smaller sizes, such as double and single, are only available in one spring tension. 

Tip - Remember choose the correct spring tension based on your body weight and not mattress comfort. The comfort is provided by the upholstery, not the pocket spring unit.