Bed & Headboard Guide

The perfect mattress will give you the ultimate comfort when sleeping, but it's the bed and headboard that are the centerpiece of the bedroom. The right bed and headboard will not only give you that luxury feel but also help you make a statement.

All our expertly crafted Headboards come with the Premium Ottoman Storage Bed Base.

The Premium Ottoman Storage Bed is a popular choice for customers due to it's durable and versatile nature - allowing the bed to be paired with a range of stylish headboards. 

All our stylish headboards are floor standing. This further enhances the quality of the base by providing extra stability but also gives the luxury finishing touch. 

So, whether you're an influencer who loves to showcase your decor to the world or an individual with a refined taste, we have a range of styles that are Made For You.

All you have to do is choose the headboard style you desire and select the appropriate size. Finally, choose the perfect material and colour that suits your decor. 

 Investing in a quality Ottoman Bed Base

All our Ottoman Bed Bases are made of veneered MDF, which is incredibly strong due to the layers. Solid wood pieces are then used to reinforce the corners and further strengthen the box. The box is then fully upholstered in the fabric and colour you choose from our range.  
A single Bed Base will comprise of a single box, whereas all other Bases will be made up of two separate boxes which are joined together using threaded joining bolts and strong metal clips. 

The platform is then; lined on top with anti slip fabric to stop the mattress from sliding when you lift to access the storage and underneath with either stitchbond or hessian. The last thing you want is splinters catching your items when they are in there. 

Our Ottomans feature the following specifications:

  • Platform top 
  • Solid wood top and corner joints. FSC approved
  • Veneered MDF bed base
  • Fully upholstered in a range of fabrics
  • 1000-newton gas struts
  • Threaded joining bolts and clips to join the bases
  • Corner brackets for additional support
  • Fixings for gliders and headboard
  • Takes up to 85 kg in mattress weight
  • Personalised plaque bearing your name and unique bed number

      Measured Decision

      Did you know the most popular mattress size in the UK is now a Super King? Although we all want the luxury of sleeping on a King Size bed, it's important to measure the the size of the room and select the correct size.

      Whether you're looking to upgrade to a Super King or finding the perfect sized bed for that tiny box room, we have the size to suit your needs.

      All Heston & Co beds are sized according to the UK standard size of mattress that it accommodates.

      Single Bed 

      W90 x L190cm*

      Perfect for children’s bedrooms, or a guest bed.

      Double Bed

      W135 x L190cm*

      Great for spreading out while sleeping alone, or for couples in a small bedroom.

      King-Size Bed

      W150 x L200cm* 

      The king-size is the most popular choice and would be ideal in any master bedroom.

      Super King-Size Bed

      W180 x L200cm*

      If you have the room and budget, the super king is perfect for sleeping like royalty!

       *All our beds are handmade and made to order so please allow for slight variances in sizes. 



       What is an Ottoman Bed Base?

      The Ottoman Bed Base has become extremely popular in recent times as space in people’s houses is increasingly at a premium. The Ottoman Bed Base is a type of base that allows the platform top part, where the mattress sits, to be lifted up.This allows far greater storage space than a traditional 4 drawer divan base. Ottoman Bed Bases aren’t as restrictive as some drawers in a divan base can be, especially if you have or plan on having bedside tables.

      How does an Ottoman Bed Base work?

      An Ottoman Bed Base works on the principle of pistons or more commonly gas struts taking the weight of the mattress both on its rise up and its movement back down. If you look at the boot of a car you can see gas struts in operation here to lift and close the boot. They stop any sudden movements or crashing down of the lid or mattress. They are essential and without them, ottoman bases would not function correctly, in fact, they would be almost impossible to lift on your own without them! This is why hinged bases without these struts should never be used.

      What are the benefits of an Ottoman Bed Base?

      Ottoman Bed Bases allow for far greater storage than a traditional bed frame, divan or platform top bed base. They are typically used in bedrooms where bedside tables will restrict a 4 drawer Divan bed base option.
      They can be used to store for example spare bedding, particularly if you have both a winter and summer tog duvet that you swap out. They are also useful for storing bedding, towels, clothing such as seasonal items, shoes, books and boxes of keepsakes. Pretty much anything can be stored in them.