Choosing Your Perfect Mattress

How To Choose The Ideal Mattress?

The two main aspects to consider when choosing the right mattress are the size and tension of the mattress. Both of these are determined by your height and bodyweight. 

Step 1 - Size

When it comes to choosing the right mattress, size matters! Choose an undersized mattress and not only will you be damaging your spine, but you will likely be kicked out of bed by your partner!

In order to choose the correct size, we would recommend checking the following; 

  • The height of the tallest sleeper does not exceed the length of the bed. The last thing you want are your feet hanging out of bed!
  • There is enough space when sharing the bed (lay down on the bed with your hands behind your head, if your elbow touches your partners elbow, you need a bigger mattress!)
Width* Length* Height*
Single  90cm 190cm


Double 135cm 190cm 30-35cm**
King-Size 150cm 200cm 30-35cm**
Super King-Size 180cm 200cm 30-35cm**

*All mattresses are handmade so may have slight variances in size

**Mattress height will vary depending on model 

Step 2 - Tension

The next thing to consider is the tension. This is determined by your weight. Choose the wrong tension and you will cause damage by sinking in too deep or laying on a rigid mattress. 

In order to choose the correct tension, we would recommend using the following guide;

Spring Tension Ideal Weight 
Soft Less than 10 stones
Medium 10 - 16 stones
Firm Over 16 stones

You may find that you and your partner fall in to different weight categories. In this case, please contact us to discuss your requirements as a Zip & Link or Split Tension Mattress will be more suitable.