The Heston & Co Story

Our story begins on a warm summer evening, conversation flowed between friends (as did the Chaii), but the vision was the same - to make You our priority.

Fast forward to now (numerous meetings, consultations and brain storming sessions later), and well, here we are. 

We don't intend to bore you right now about how we carefully select each component for all our Mattress Collections, because we believe our products and reputation speak for themselves. 

What we do want to talk about, is what defines Us - the DNA of our company and our core values. 

Our Values

6 hands holding each other’s wrist to show trust

We work with integrity - we sincerely believe that honesty is the best policy. That's why we intend to be transparent in everything we do. Unlike other retailers, we're happy to share the core components about all our products so you can make an informed decision when buying your new mattress.

We respect everyone - we're happy to go the extra mile for you. We aim to earn your respect and loyalty by exceeding your expectations.

We ensure quality - all our mattresses are handcrafted in the UK. We're incredibly proud of the craftsmanship and hard work dedicated in making our products so what better way than to reward you with 'Our Pledge'.

We constantly innovate - whether it's feedback for our products and customer service or developing employee skills and knowledge - we encourage improvement so we can be more efficient by offering exceptional customer service and innovating our products.

We are ethical - we live in a world where, individually, we can make an impact on our ecological footprint. Therefore we have decided to plant a tree for every bed sold. Read our initiative on how 'Together We Can Make A Difference'. 


From the moment you see or hear Heston & Co - whether it's a post on social media, a referral from a family member or simply a visit to our website - we want you to remember your experience with us.